Kana London Ceramics are hand made in East London, and they are the beautiful work of ceramic artist Ana Kerin.


We worked with Ana to curate a range that offers the perfect selection of dinnerware options in our dream colour palette.


Ana describes her work as experimental and playful. “ I never follow a procedure, and invent new recipes daily. I work with a unique mixture of clays and mix my own glazes, often turning my back on traditional ceramic practice. Hand building, rather than turning on the wheel, further emphasises the individuality of each piece.”


The Blanc range is classic and effortless and should always be on display & never, ever hidden in your cupboards. We have a range of pieces that cover every snack, slurp and feast we could think of!


We love pink at Studio East, and we love the idea of having a properly grown up and beautiful set of pink dinnerware. Our Rose range makes the simplest of meals a total luxury.


When playing with colours in Ana’s studio we paired Rose and Sun together, and it was magic. The delicate brushstrokes of pinks and the zesty yellow are a feast for the eyes and we can’t get enough of it.


Although neutral palette’s are beautiful, we think the world would be a sad place without colour and pattern.

Nicola, Studio East’s founder, is never not clashing and mixing colour, pattern and textures. Ana and Nicola felt that the range needed an injection of pattern to satisfy their pattern ‘itch.’

We introduce you to Kana’s signature Feather print in Rose, available exclusively at Studio East Home.

Use these range of bowls to compliment our plain ranges and inject a little whimsy in to your dinner range.